Tools to keep you ahead in an uncertain world

We live in a rapidly changing  and uncertain world with many natural, man made and technological hazards, from earthquakes and hurricanes through to societal, privacy and cybersecurity threats. gives you the tools to keep ahead of the game with professional briefings, and inside information at your fingertips.

Weekly Threat Analysis Briefing

The Threat Analysis Briefing (TAB) is a weekly situational awareness briefing delivered by email to subscribers every Monday morning. The professional briefing is organized into four sections: weather outlook and hazards, including forecasts of severe weather, drought and fire danger; other natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes,  wildfires and public health emergencies; cybersecurity, technological & adversarial hazards including cyber attacks, security vulnerabilities, nuclear power plant events, solar weather impacts, political and societal risks, and any large scale public safety or civil disorder risks; and special hazards including specific unusual events.

AllHazards Dashboard

The AllHazards Dashboard aggregates together information in real time to provide situational awareness on a daily basis, with a primary focus on weather and natural hazards. The dashboard includes current storm and tornado activity from the Storm Prediction Center, weather hazard maps, technical mesoscale weather discussions, storm reports, thunderstorm and fire outlooks, recent earthquakes, wildfire risk, radiation readings, real time solar storm data, and breaking news updates.

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